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What is APROach Golf


AG is a 9 or 18 hole layout where existing tee boxes are not used. Instead AG tee boxes are located anywhere from 150 yards out to greenside bunkers. 

Tee boxes are in the faiway, rough, in bunkers and anywhere else that golfers face shots to the green. A round takes 75% of the time that a regulation loop would consume.

There is no such thing as a Par, we use a unique MORE CARD and points are earned by a player for each hole played.

Getting APROach Golf at Your Club


We have created, "The APROach Golf Tool Box". 

Inside this box are all of the forms, flags, signs, links and a complete manual to help you quickly and efficiently plan, market and run your own AG events, highlighted by the APROach Golf Experience!

By purchasing the Tool Box, you are granted a license from Home Course Creators to run AG events at your course as often as you like.  Get yours today and start building new revenue for your course!

Why APROach Golf


  • Attract New Golfers
  • Potential Members
  • Lessons / Equipment Sales
  • Fill Dead Time on Tee Sheet
  • Additional Food / Beverages Revenue
  • League Play Potential
  • For Any Skill Level
  • Sharpen Your Short Game
  • More Fun
  • Less Time


APROach Golf Kit


($0.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

The complete kit for any golf course to hold an APROach Golf Tournament. Your investment can easily be made back with one event


  • Tabbed Manual
  • USB Thumb Drive (Add'l Tools)
  • 100 MORE cards
  • 20 Tee Box Signs w/Stakes
  •  2 Large Signs (AG Played Here)
  • Access to APROach Golf Network
  • March 1st, iOS Phone App.