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Just Released! APROach Golf™ Coaches Edition!


Several times since we introduced APROach Golf™ to the public, high school and college coaches suggested that if we were to modify our game, their golf team players could focus on their short games. Of all the issues these coaches face, getting their players to focus on and practice their approach games is an unpleasant task. With our More Card and the variety of tee locations, they would find much more enjoyment and inner squad competition with the Coaches Edition. So guess what?


We are Excited to Announce APROach Golf™ Coaches Edition (AGCE)


AGCE is a skill development tool enabling a player and their coach to isolate and work on specific short game shots using real data and immediate feedback. Not only do they review the current practice sessions but then compare the results through simple trends analysis.

Each player is provided a More Card to record their results on each practice hole, broken down to shots from the AG tees, bunkers, and putting. If a player is practicing alone, the coach provides the layout they want the player to focus upon that day. That info is also recorded on the players’ More Card.

Both players and coaches are provided with a Trends Analysis Worksheet (Excel). After each practice round of AGCE, the latest data is input and the spread sheet automatically shows the trends for each skill set. Initially, the player and coach discuss this together, but overtime the player can see their own successes as well as remaining improvement opportunities.

With our AG Point System in place, teammates will also want to be at the top of the point chart after each round! These young men and women are quite competitive, you know!

And to add the proverbial “Icing on the Cake,” we have just completed testing of the APROach Golf APP!

Initially available for iPhones only, our electronic More Card will easily and quickly record all the data while preventing input errors. And if that is not enough……..

At the conclusion of each practice round of AGCE, with the press of one button, the results for that player’s round are immediately emailed to their coach!

In Summary……


AGCE is an accurate and focused practice tool and system that benefits individual players as well as the entire team, their coach, and their school. It is incredibly easy to use while providing the exact data upon which a players’ game can be improved upon.

It is a closed loop system that is driven by the capturing of results, the immediate analysis of the latest round and all others, and the identification of both skill improvements as well as the need for additional work.

The location of each AG tee box is selected by the coach to reflect the exact locations where each player needs to start each hole. This system also allows the coach is assign different AG tee location for different team members, based on their specific needs.The addition of the AG APP fits perfectly into the culture of these young players while providing their coach immediate access to the results for that same day!


AGCE (Manual)


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


What’s included in the Coaches Edition Manual

  • Binder with Tabbed Sections
  • 25 More Cards 
  • USB Thumb Drive w/More Card, Analysis Tracking Form
  • Coming by end of February iOS version of phone APP
  • Access to the APROach Golf Network


AGCE (Full Kit)


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A $387 Value if purchased separately!

Kit Includes everything in the above AGCE Manual plus

  • 10 Tee Box Signs w/Stakes
  • 1 Large Sign with school logo
  • 75 Additional MORE Cards